EEZ Energie-, Bildungs- und Erlebnis-Zentrum Aurich

At EEZ Aurich, you can experience energy through fun and excitement. At the heart of this visitor attraction is the permanent interactive exhibition ENERGIE ZUKUNFT, which presents the various fields of energy in a fun and informative way. In seven themed sections, scientific phenomena are brought to life by impressive exhibits and interactive stations, with experiments making them easy to understand. Both conventional forms of energy and the energy sources of the future are showcased and the visitor is encouraged to think about the challenges of the transition to alternative energies. Visit the ENERGIE TURM to feel the breath-taking power of energy up close and personal. In the outdoor area, you can even view the original powerhouse and rotor blade of a wind turbine.

Information for wheelchair users and people with walking impairments

  • Parking spaces for people with disabilities are available.
  • Access to the building is step-free and there is step-free or lift access to all rooms that can be used by guests.
  • Turning spaces measure at least 150 cm x 150 cm (exception: in front of the door to the WC).
  • Doors and passages are at least 90 cm wide (exception: some in the shop are only 85 cm).
  • The outdoor paths are smooth.
  • There are no revolving doors.
  • All exhibits can be viewed from a standing or sitting position and are suitable for wheelchair users.
  • Wheelchair-suitable tables are available in the restaurant area.
  • A lift and generous sanitary facilities are available to guests on the ground floor.


  • Individual tours are offered for wheelchair users and people with walking impairments. Booking is required.
  • Aids can be borrowed free of charge: children's buggy, walker, wheelchair.
  • Reduced entry fee for people with disabilities.

Disabled toilet

  • The WC is at least 70 cm high and accessible from both sides.
  • Fold-up grab rails are provided on both sides.
  • The wash basin is partially wheelchair-suitable and the mirror can be seen from sitting and standing positions.
  • Emergency call buttons are provided.

Information for the deaf and hearing impaired

Exhibition spaces

  • There is no induction loop.
  • Rooms and corridors are lit.
  • Exhibits are presented visibly.

Restaurant area

  • Tables with bright and non-glare lighting are available.
  • There are tables with no standing or hanging lamps that could impede the line of sight or eye contact.
  • There are seating areas with low ambient noise.
  • There is no electro-acoustic sound.

Information for the blind and partially sighted

  • Assistance dogs are permitted in the exhibition, but not in the restaurant area.
  • Written stop information is provided at the bus stop.
  • There are high-contrast, tactile indicators on the ground on the outdoor path to the entrance.
  • There is no guidance system with indicators on the ground inside, but the wall can sometimes be used for orientation.
  • There are not usually obstacles such as objects protruding into the path (exception: exhibits in the permanent exhibition).
  • Rooms and corridors are well lit and glare-free.
  • There are glass doors without safety markings.
  • The first floor is accessed via stairs or a lift. The steps on the stairs do not have a high-contrast design. Any emergency call in the lift is confirmed with a sound alarm.
  • In the catering area, the menu is designed in an unembellished, high-contrast font.
  • Exhibits are lit and contrast visually with the surroundings.
  • Signs are in an easy-to-read, high-contrast font.
  • No information is available in Braille or prism font.

Information for people with cognitive impairments

  • The name and logo of the facility are clearly recognisable from outside.
  • On both indoor and outdoor routes, the destination is usually within sight.
  • Exhibits are presented visibly.
  • No information is available in simple language.
  • Information is not shown in images or pictograms.
  • The dishes in the restaurant are presented visibly.

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EEZ Energie-, Bildungs- und Erlebnis-Zentrum Aurich

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Energie-, Bildungs- und Erlebnis-Zentrum Aurich

Osterbusch 2, 26607 Aurich

Phone: +49 (0) 4941 / 698460

Visit Website:

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