Accessible travel in Lower Saxony

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Germany's first accessible beach chair in the Lüneburger Heide
© André Byzio

Holiday destination Lower Saxony in the north of Germany not only amazes visitors with its wide variety of holiday landscapes and exciting towns; the region between the North Sea and the Harz mountains also has plenty of surprises for holidaymakers with limited mobility.

Lower Saxony, which is constantly expanding its accessible services and the reliable information it provides on them, is just as versatile as this item of beach furniture. The uniform German certification and labelling system “Travel for all”, which Germany's second largest state has used since 2015, plays a big part in this.

The romantic coast and art of the port town of Emden – with its historic ships, the outstanding collection of Henry Nannen and exciting exhibitions in the Kunsthalle gallery – attract visitors to the North Sea. In the historic town of Osnabrück, which wrote world history when the Peace of Westphalia was signed there in 1648, the old town and accessibility go hand in hand. In Goslar, wheelchair users can access the Harz mountains on historic paths. They can even visit the nearby Mines of Rammelsberg UNESCO World Heritage Site, which gave the imperial town its riches, in converted mine wagons.

Even very new towns are ideal for a tour of discovery. Founded in 1938, Wolfsburg offers the phaeno science centre, behind whose spectacular facade more than 350 fascinating physical experiments await.

Large animals such as elephants are on display at the outstandingly accessible Adventure Zoo in the state capital of Hannover, while visitors who use wheelchairs can get up close and personal with smaller animals such as German heaths on the Lüneburger Heide.

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Good to know: Some regions, towns/cities and tourist attractions in Lower Saxony have their own websites or brochures dedicated to “barrier-free travel“. You will find more information in the following online categories.